Turning Old Fencing into Fantasy

img_0699I’ve had mermaids on the brain for the past week and have decided to recycle this old fencing into one. Here is step 1, a layer of turquoise, black, bronze, touch of white base. I just bought some really cool “Color Shift” Aqua Flash by Folk Art and am excited to incorporate that into it at some point. Stay tuned

Folk Art’s Color Shift “Aqua Flash”

So I decided to keep the scene in pretty much muted tones of the same spectrum of blues and teals.I feel like the mermaid would have come out looking too ‘cartoony’ had I used a flesh tone.

I threw in some gold accenting in the last step. I tried to capture the iridescence of the Aqua Flash and gold in the side view picture but to no avail.

Side view . Notice the iridescence?

and Thar she Blows, my Siren on Wood…ready to be hoisted in someone’s Mermaid Cove


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