Painting Nature’s Canvas

Today I’m laying out wood and rocks I’ve collected in order to turn into art. There is a deep, intrinsic connection when painting Mother Nature’s canvas…but it’s not like canvas. They aren’t smooth, I have to hunt for them, carry them (sometimes long distances), wash them, even sand them down, all the while getting my car filthy, lol. It’s totally worth it.

I like to think that long ago, I might have been one of the natives that did in fact paint rocks, tepees and  grace caves with paint made from crushed berries and what not. Maybe even getting in trouble with the Chief for making my stick figures have three legs (I always daydream myself to be funny).

Oh well, it’s 2017 and I’m not a wild Indian (depending on who you ask), I’m not using paint made from crushed berries .In fact, some of it is enamel and requires gloves and thinner..But the end result is a nice shiny, weatherproofed piece of art…..ready to stick back in Mother Nature…upcycled of course ( ;


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